Live It Like Lizzo! ðŸ’Œ

I’m a big Lizzo fan..I jam to Truth Hurts every weekend!!! I LOVE HER!! ❤ lol I wish I had more friends with her personality and coolness. She seems like someone I could hang out with and laugh with.

I see so many people say they wish they had her confidence like she can’t be confident because she’s a full figured woman lol I see it as normal because she loves herself and when you love yourself you’re confident no matter the body type. You’re so into yourself because you don’t limit yourself based off the judgement of others.
(You aren’t here to please them.)

There are many men who prefer only larger women. 10 years ago, I remember a guy cheated on me with a fuller sized girl and he was skinnier than I was lol So we need to stop thinking just because someone is a certain size that it means they can’t do or have what others can have…anyone can have confidence.

When it comes to health matters, however, I believe it should be taken seriously. No matter what, slim or fluffy, your confidence should already be there.

So Who Was Billie Jean? Hmmm

I’ve been listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album all day and I noticed that he mentions Billie Jean in his Wanna Be Starting Something song. In this song he says ‘she is always talking and that her mouth is a motor. He even resumes to sing that, ‘if you can’t feed a baby then don’t have a baby.’ In the Billie Jean song he is referring to being baby trapped basically…lol (The kid is not my son!)

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Do you think maybe someone tried to trap him with a child in the 80s? Or do you think he did this to add a story line to the album? I think it’s very interesting and very creative if he mentions this to give us a hint of a secret or to add a story to the album.

Michael was such a creative person and that’s what I always loved about him. He had so many women chasing after him who probably lied, but we’ll never know. This is an interesting clue that I just find amusing. None of it is true, but I am so curious after listening to this album.

I decode too much and it’s a habit. It’s a hobby I need to take a break from lol Rest in peace to the beautiful king of pop. His music and his dancing touched the hearts of many and may he forever live on. I have always thought Michael was an angel in disguise who came here to change the world with his God given talent.