Others Are Inspired By Your Health Journey πŸ₯‘πŸπŸπŸ‡

A lot of women have told me I helped them transition to eating healthier and some have even started the plant based life too. Even at work, I had no idea that women paid so much attention to what I eat. (I usually eat very light, but you never know who is watching πŸ˜‚) This girl asked what I do when I work out. One girl told me she wants to get full from eating as fast as I do. Wow! The other asked what kind of smoothie I was drinking. The other girl asked what I had on my salad, “Eating your greens? What’s that?” She aske, looking at my salad and making friendly small talk. I told her I was plant based and she told me good luck because it’s hard. I wanted to tell her that it isn’t hard after getting used to it, but I was ready to eat. Well, guess what? The next morning she was eating her bowl of fruit and so was the other woman lol That’s actually very good to see! Keep going and never give up. It may be tough to be healthy at first but once you start feeling and looking good, you’ll get used to it. Do it for you! I am so glad I was able to at least help some people feel motivated about health. Health is so important. There are so many people running into serious health problems all because of their food choices. You never know who you’re inspiring 😊

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

I was at the local park yesterday morning and I was reading the directions map (You know…the board that lets you know about the park via gazeba, kayaking, bridge etc) Well, if I was reading it right, it showed that the lake park was being planned in 2012. I was like, OMG wow. They really took time and years the make a very beautiful park. I walked away from the board smiling and feeling as motivated as ever.

As I jogged my mile, I kept thinking about if you have a dream or a goal you have to keep going if you want it bad enough. The architect and the workers that built the park had it planned out and I’m sure they were strong enough to keep going if it seemed like forever. In the end, the results turned out amazing and the dream was realilty. This is a good example that we should keep going. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Noah’s Ark

As long as your heart and mind is set on a big dream, you’ll keep trying until you get it. It isn’t an overnight process. Sometimes people take days, months or years to have the BEST accomplishment πŸ™‚
ReNita XoXo πŸ’‹πŸ‘ 

Be Thankful For The Little Things, Especially Your Family.

It’s the Sunday the week of Thanksgiving and I am listening to my family members laugh and tell jokes. (Although it isn’t Thanksgiving yet, it feels that way with the family atmosphere πŸ™‚ Every time we are all together it feels like a holiday gathering. ) Sometimes people get annoyed with family or have arguments with family; which is normal, but you should still be thankful you have them with you. I am not saying ALL family members are there for you or good to you, but the ones you have a bond with that you sometimes run into little quarrels with. You should always remember to never take them for granted. Don’t take little arguments and grudges so seriously.

Things that could have been handled can lead to forgiveness and forgiveness leads to recovery. Recovery paves the way to turn over a new page and start over anew. So many people are dying and they never got a chance to end on good terms because of minor problems. When you are thankful for little things (such as hearing the laughter of family in the living room, being able to have senses, being thankful to see how far you’ve come etc) then you’ve mastered power for motivation. When you are thankful, you become motivated and when you become motivated you are able to put a super hero cape on.

I am thankful for life, family, shelter, food and looking back on how far I’ve come. If you are not thankful for what you have, always remember that there are people who probably wish they had the things you care less about. Count your little blessings and be thankful. πŸ™‚

Hold on to them.

Grab them.


So What If They Don’t Support You? Don’t Wait On Their Approval! KEEP GOING!

Sometimes I see my friends on social media acknowledge that no one supports them. While getting a positive boost and self fulfillment from others on our accomplishments is a good thing, we shouldn’t rely on it. I feel you shouldn’t rely on this action because it isn’t healthy. Some people don’t get support and then back out of something they have their hearts set on doing. This is confirmation that you should STILL keep going.

The longer you keep doing things, the support will come later because you get better and better. You will know who is true for you and who isn’t. Even if they don’t support you, they still can admire you and are inspired by you but are probably too jealous to let you see that lol (I know, right?) Sometimes people won’t support you, because they want you to lose. What do you do? YOU STILL KEEP PUSHING YOURSELF! Like, why determine the actions of others for your life?

The number one person that should be supporting you is yourself. Not many people have supported me or congratulated me on things I have done, but I STILL made it on top. As long as I know I did something GREAT for myself that’s all that matters. The praise from others will follow behind you if you keep going forward and looking ahead. That doesn’t mean you have to call them out about it or stop what you are doing.

You should be supporting yourself first of all and clap for yourself. If people aren’t supporting you, sometimes you should see it as a compliment that maybe they are jealous. Most of the time, people will support those they admire or support those they know. If they are jealous of you, they will be too intimidated to support you or too lazy to support you. Some people are having problems in their own life and are too unhappy to praise the blessings of others.

Waiting for their support is like waiting for their approval and when you wait for their approval you are under their control. Waiting for the support of others feels as though you want to impress them before impressing yourself. When you are supporting yourself first, you are at a point of self love and you will attract the right crowd that are true supporters and friends.

I have done many things in my life that are big accomplishments that I am proud of. Many people have supported and many people haven’t, but you have to keep going and be your own #1 support system.

You Want To Be Loved, But Have No Self Love…

You can tell if a woman loves herself or not based off what she settles for in life. I can tell plenty of stories back from my early 20s and give examples below lol
*I remember when I was 22 yrs old, I took a risk to see my ex bf in D.C with only $10.00 in my pocket…I didn’t think about my safety. So therefore I didn’t love myself bc the only thing I cared about was him over myself. 
*I used to do a guy’s paper in college thinking he’d like me more while my grades slipped.
I used to buy gifts for guys who never bought me anything, but bc I wanted them to like me.
*I would catch buses to visit a boyfriend when my mom would beg me not to go and she was crying. I still went..only for him to leave me by myself in a hotel room. I came home telling my mom she was right.
Don’t give your valuable body to someone who doesn’t deserve how worthy you are. That’s like  giving diamonds to a dollar store.

If you take these type of risks when you are in a relationship..then you are not in love. You are attached and that is different than a connection. You will know the difference later. ❀ Love yourself and you will be wise enough to know what type of treatment is best and what isn’t. You will see the difference.

Fix Another Queen’s Crown πŸ‘‘

I like making women feel good about their appearance and being helpful to uplift their confidence. I feel if we do this, maybe the world will be free of haters because we’ll be inspiring each other when we help each other. Maybe I’m just too nice. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I’ve never had any interest in being a hater or putting other women down. I would often wonder if that meant I was not normal lol I’m always admiring or being motivated by women that are doing great things or looking amazing.

I was telling a very sweet woman how I lost weight because she couldn’t believe I was over 200lbs last year. Yesterday, this cashier in WalMart wanted to know how I defined my eyebrows. I was holding up the line going into detail to show her how I do my brows and what I use. They were both very thankful for the information I gave them.

Never hold back from educating other queens on health and beauty, they may not know much of it or afraid to ask. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. No woman shouldn’t feel insecure about her appearance. Take care of yourself 100% and help another queen blossom.

Are You Setting Daily Goals? YES, DAILY!

Over the weekend, I was talking with my niece on the importance of setting small goals daily and setting big goals during the month or through the year. Never think that setting a small goal means you are thinking small. Small goals are made for your daily routine and are little things to help you get get important things done. There is this game I grew up playing (and still play) called The Sims. On this game, you have to let your Sim’s character complete their daily goals before moving on to the next level or next task.

Once this happens, they are rewarded with points and prizes etc. If their mood chart is on red and not green, they aren’t really inspired to do anything. This teaches us a lesson that we have to keep our mood positive in order to be motivated to do what we need to do. A small goal of mine that I have always wanted to do was go to bed by 11:30PM or 10:30PM. I’m a night owl and that goal seemed IMPOSSIBLE lol Sometimes I’ll go to bed at 1am or 2am and wake up late because I work from home. Well, that is about to change because very soon I’ll be working in a building getting up early in the morning for my training. I knew that I needed to try and complete this goal for the future.

So this is what I did over the weekend- I took care of everything I needed to do for the day and hopped in my bed by 11:30pm.

My niece even went to bed early as well so I felt like maybe I must have inspired her. Her goal was to learn to cook eggs with my mom when we woke up. She had been wanting to learn how to cook something ever since the summer and she was finally going to take a risk and do so.

My niece listening to me during one of our heart to heart walks ❀

As morning rolled around, I woke up around 7:30AM feeling refreshed and bursting with positive energy. My energy felt like the rays of sunlight expanding from my body. I had to admit, that was the best sleep I had all year (besides my afternoon naps lol)

When I came back home from my usual morning walk with the dog, my niece was in the kitchen cooking her first pan of eggs. I was surprised because I didn’t even learn how to cook anything at her age besides pancakes lol She rushed up to me, jumping up and down as she showed me her skills. She felt encouraged from completing a goal that she had set her heart on to do. Her smile was like the bright sky just from her finishing that goal. I could tell she had a boost of confidence. The way she was jumping up and down showed me that she was very proud of herself.

I guess what I am trying to say is, set small goals daily to keep you motivated for the big goals you have ahead. Small goals daily should be just as normal as brushing your teeth. An example of my next small goals will be that I need to wash my car and vacuum it lol

Now go get yourself a cute little planner and strike off things on that to-do list! You can do it!

Stay Active Through Your Pain

Look what I found WOW! This is 19 or 20 year old me…in my sophmore dormitory back in college. Lol I think my sophmore year was my best time there, as you can see lol. I was hiding so much pain behind my smile and had finally gained some of the strength back I had lost from my freshmen year. Freshmen year, I had lost soooo much self love and confidence after I was sexual abused at a college party. It took years to rebuild myself… I can remember sometimes not feeling like I fit in with so many girls there because they would insult me, pick on me and hurt my feelings. I was always a nice person and people would be so mean to me back then and I can remember letting it get to me..NEVER worry about who doesn’t like you. That is a waste of your time and energy.Β  I did things to keep me going. I always stayed inΒ  beauty pageants to keep my confidence high and I would act in lead parts in the college drama club. Those were the best moments I wouldn’t trade for the world because it showed me that I had fun times with great people after a dark experienceΒ  ❀🧑 That is what I encourage you to do today. Be active and participate in things to remind yourself that you are a queen. You’re gonna need the confidence ❀