The Internet Disconnected, But We Inner Connected

Internet had issues this weekend (although I could still catch Wi-Fi on my phone) but I barely come on or stay on. Anyway, my niece and nephew stayed over as usual, I had to show them so many fun things that can be done without the internet and I also wanted to show them how to not feel like they need it all the time because they didn’t know what else to do lol. We painted, walked, played games,  told stories and wrote stories, listened to my niece sing songs, I caught up on my spring/summer book reading and we watched SpongeBob lol

If you have kids, try to show them that it’s a difference. If you or your kid can’t live it without it (besides work or school) then it’s an issue. I have always been close to my niece and nephew, I always spend time with them without using the internet, but we had to disconnect to really really connect. They had no Wi-Fi and needed me for more entertainment. Sometimes this is what is needed in today’s society. So many people are wired to their devices and missing out on closer bonding. Our generation didn’t really have such an obsession for the internet, but I don’t want this generation to use it as a crutch at a young age. Show our babies how to have fun in other ways. ❤❤❤ Here is a photo below of my nephew’s amazing art work lol They were bored sick of my internet, but we had the best of time and we escaped to the 80s for the moment.

It’s The Most WONDERFUL Time Of The Year..(or busiest?)

How many more gifts do I have to wrap? After surviving a busy evening of traffic in the pouring rain, my head feels as if someone smashed it with a hammer. 🤦‍♀️ (Oh, I am so dramatic. Perhaps it’s the author in me.)

Yoooo!!! Do not get me started on how jam packed Wal Mart was. Ya girl will not go there again in pouring rain in busy traffic during the holidays. 😂

I’ll take a break and finish up my business stuff. The kids (niece and nephew) are obsessed with watching Home Alone 1 and 2 since yesterday and last night. I have seen Kevin order cheese pizza pranking the pizza guy, put super glue on the burglars head and got lost in New York. Lol

My 6 year old nephew has been running into the sofa pillows like a football player whilst singing Frosty the Snowman.

My mother is fussing in the kitchen at her cakes she is baking because she wants them to be perfect.

Oh, and my 14 yr old niece now has a ton of curious questions about Santa Clause.. yes it is the most WONDERFUL time of the year 😂

I challenge you all to enjoy time with family and friends because this is the moment to reflect on being thankful. So besides my ranting of a busy headache, I am so excited to have my family.

I am overjoyed to see the kids into the Christmas spirit; this makes it the most wonderful time of the year!!!