ReNita Burgess is a best selling author, blogger, certified yoga instructor, herbalist and business owner. She has authored of 30 books and has a collection of over 700 poems. A native of South Carolina, she enjoys beaches, animals, nature walks, retro TV and rainy days with vegan ice cream.

Welcome to my lifeeeee….

I’m a 30s something year old woman that has a passion for writing, animals, plants, nature walks and yoga. Hopefully on my blog you will find a peace of mind since I share a lot of inspirational topics. I have a bachelor’s degree in business, but writing has always been my first love. I can remember I grew an interest in writing at the tender age of 9 years old. My teacher read my poem to the class and I can remember her showing it off in the hall way to the other teachers.

Seeing that sort of encouragement at a young age motivated me into following my heart as a writer through out my entire life. Inspiration for me comes in various forms, rather it be from sight, visions and even from strangers. Writing and reading is who I am and what fuels me.

I think a few of my favorite writers would have to be Emily Dickinson, Eric Jerome Dickey, Mary Monroe, Mary B. Morrison, Terri McMillian, Brenda Jackson and too many to name.

oHhhhh and I’m a plant mom, pet mom and a lover of the sun and rain.

Trust your journey…..Life is an experience.

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