I Finally Told My BFF To Be My Valentine And He Said…YES

With Valentine’s Day approaching sometimes Cupid starts to point his arrow at some of the most surprising targets. Some of us will spend this day saying it’s no big deal (bc it isn’t) some of us will enjoy it with a bucket of ice cream and a LMN movie while others will go all out celebrating it with someone we love (rather it be a loving partner, a date, family or our girlfriends) …

Well, after a month of dropping hints, I finally told my best friend of nearly 10 years that I wanted him to be my Valentine and he agreed… Things seem old fashioned and that’s what I like about him. He has always been there for me and this will be my 2nd ever Valentine’s EVER. So I would be more than honored to celebrate it with no one other than one of the closest friends in my life that I trust.. lol

He always gives me and my mom the best advicešŸ˜Š What’s funny is that we’re born 1 month and 1 day apart..same life path numbers. .twin flames.. lol  As soon as he said “sure babe.”  I got nervous šŸ˜© not sure why when he’s HIM… He’s been through so many things with me and so I have with him.

Lol kinda wanna change my mind bc I am still in relax mode after my final iron transfusion last week lol So I dont wanna get cute or do much right now  šŸ˜‚

but he says “I’m sure you’re gorgeous, babe”… lol šŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļøšŸ„° Now I can’t back out lol We’ll just enjoy pizza and laugh at things as usual. šŸ˜‚ Virtual amidst covid perhaps. He’s my best friend and that’s all that matters.

Jealous Ones Still Envy

I overheard a woman saying that Godly people can’t envy lol I wanted to remind her the story I remembered from my bible study group days of how a God fearing king named King Saul had such envy for a sheppard boy named David who praised him and admired him..

David did so much to assist him in the palace while admiringā€¦yet King Saul was jealous of him..envied him for being closer to God and tried to kill him lol People can sometimes envy your relationship with God.

I was shocked when I found that out as a teenager..my aunt used to explain that to us. They can have everything in life- lots of money, fancy cars, a happy marriage, a family, an education, talent- and yet STILL envy othersā€¦even envy those that are inspired by them. Don’t be blinded.

Remain faithful to doing good on earth and doing the right thing. Your light will shine to God as long as you are focused and balanced with self.

Making Up In the Park..At Dawn.

So early this morning.. my dog and I just left the park..we didnt stay there long lol..a couple was thereā€¦hugging and making up..the guy was skinny and tall with skin as dark as the universe, the girl was short and thickā€¦they argued..she got in the carā€¦dammitā€¦he raised his voice..then said words to make her melt of how he loved coming home to his baby and his girlā€¦ Aww they must have been a family..onceā€¦.I smiledā€¦his effort was truthā€¦I walked around the park (only halfway around.)ā€¦respected them..got in my own car..as the autumn wind kissed me…I smiledā€¦didnt want to disturb. .their grooveā€¦hoping they reconciledā€¦.
wordzā€¦.from my sight.. ā¤