You Want To Be Loved, But Have No Self Love…

You can tell if a woman loves herself or not based off what she settles for in life. I can tell plenty of stories back from my early 20s and give examples below lol
*I remember when I was 22 yrs old, I took a risk to see my ex bf in D.C with only $10.00 in my pocket…I didn’t think about my safety. So therefore I didn’t love myself bc the only thing I cared about was him over myself. 
*I used to do a guy’s paper in college thinking he’d like me more while my grades slipped.
I used to buy gifts for guys who never bought me anything, but bc I wanted them to like me.
*I would catch buses to visit a boyfriend when my mom would beg me not to go and she was crying. I still went..only for him to leave me by myself in a hotel room. I came home telling my mom she was right.
Don’t give your valuable body to someone who doesn’t deserve how worthy you are. That’s like  giving diamonds to a dollar store.

If you take these type of risks when you are in a relationship..then you are not in love. You are attached and that is different than a connection. You will know the difference later. ❀ Love yourself and you will be wise enough to know what type of treatment is best and what isn’t. You will see the difference.

Fix Another Queen’s Crown πŸ‘‘

I like making women feel good about their appearance and being helpful to uplift their confidence. I feel if we do this, maybe the world will be free of haters because we’ll be inspiring each other when we help each other. Maybe I’m just too nice. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I’ve never had any interest in being a hater or putting other women down. I would often wonder if that meant I was not normal lol I’m always admiring or being motivated by women that are doing great things or looking amazing.

I was telling a very sweet woman how I lost weight because she couldn’t believe I was over 200lbs last year. Yesterday, this cashier in WalMart wanted to know how I defined my eyebrows. I was holding up the line going into detail to show her how I do my brows and what I use. They were both very thankful for the information I gave them.

Never hold back from educating other queens on health and beauty, they may not know much of it or afraid to ask. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. No woman shouldn’t feel insecure about her appearance. Take care of yourself 100% and help another queen blossom.

Are You Setting Daily Goals? YES, DAILY!

Over the weekend, I was talking with my niece on the importance of setting small goals daily and setting big goals during the month or through the year. Never think that setting a small goal means you are thinking small. Small goals are made for your daily routine and are little things to help you get get important things done. There is this game I grew up playing (and still play) called The Sims. On this game, you have to let your Sim’s character complete their daily goals before moving on to the next level or next task.

Once this happens, they are rewarded with points and prizes etc. If their mood chart is on red and not green, they aren’t really inspired to do anything. This teaches us a lesson that we have to keep our mood positive in order to be motivated to do what we need to do. A small goal of mine that I have always wanted to do was go to bed by 11:30PM or 10:30PM. I’m a night owl and that goal seemed IMPOSSIBLE lol Sometimes I’ll go to bed at 1am or 2am and wake up late because I work from home. Well, that is about to change because very soon I’ll be working in a building getting up early in the morning for my training. I knew that I needed to try and complete this goal for the future.

So this is what I did over the weekend- I took care of everything I needed to do for the day and hopped in my bed by 11:30pm.

My niece even went to bed early as well so I felt like maybe I must have inspired her. Her goal was to learn to cook eggs with my mom when we woke up. She had been wanting to learn how to cook something ever since the summer and she was finally going to take a risk and do so.

My niece listening to me during one of our heart to heart walks ❀

As morning rolled around, I woke up around 7:30AM feeling refreshed and bursting with positive energy. My energy felt like the rays of sunlight expanding from my body. I had to admit, that was the best sleep I had all year (besides my afternoon naps lol)

When I came back home from my usual morning walk with the dog, my niece was in the kitchen cooking her first pan of eggs. I was surprised because I didn’t even learn how to cook anything at her age besides pancakes lol She rushed up to me, jumping up and down as she showed me her skills. She felt encouraged from completing a goal that she had set her heart on to do. Her smile was like the bright sky just from her finishing that goal. I could tell she had a boost of confidence. The way she was jumping up and down showed me that she was very proud of herself.

I guess what I am trying to say is, set small goals daily to keep you motivated for the big goals you have ahead. Small goals daily should be just as normal as brushing your teeth. An example of my next small goals will be that I need to wash my car and vacuum it lol

Now go get yourself a cute little planner and strike off things on that to-do list! You can do it!

Dogs Are The Best Kinds of Therapy..Go Get You One!!

Knock Off. 10 years young πŸ•

When my family and I first got Knock Off, I can remember him being in a little cardboard box in our house. My aunt had brought him over and had said he would be a good friend for my niece who was 4 years old at the time. He was so tiny and so cute. I wasn’t a fan of small dogs, but we immediatly bonded when I had to stay home to work while my family went to Florida for a funeral. During that time, I jad found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me with a girl while he was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. I can remember the little puppy trying to jump into my lap while I was having an internet war with the other girl.

As the tears fell from my face and landed on my chest near my broken heart, the puppy was wimpering for to hold him. I picked him up and cuddled him as I was crying. We have been best friends ever since. When he came into my life, I had stopped self harming myself with razors. I can’t count how many broken hearts from failed relationshops that he comforted me through lol Whenever a guy would hurt me, I’d go in my bed with the covers over my head and he’d jump up in bed to nestle with me until I got better. It was always a feeling of relief.

He also detected the lump in my mother’s chest which led her to have a mammogram, discovering that she had breast cancer in 2010. She has been breast cancer free ever since and she always says had it not been for our dog that she would have found out too late.

Knock Off is also a great workout partner. As soon as we wake up and I take him out to potty, he will force me to take him walking by either leading me down the road or standing by the car for me to take him to the park πŸ˜‚ He is a very smart dog. He understands so many words, meanings and he knows the names of family members and friends. 🧑

He can sense when you are in a bad mood and will do his best to make you feel better by grabbing a toy for a game of fetch. Lol. πŸ•

My advice: get you a furry buddy. You will be in great workout partner and a friend to comfort you in times of need. The only thing they need is attention, love and to be taken care of 100%. They will appreciate you as much as you appreciate them; if not more. ❀ Each day I am thankful for mine and I am very blessed to have him.

Stay Active Through Your Pain

Look what I found WOW! This is 19 or 20 year old me…in my sophmore dormitory back in college. Lol I think my sophmore year was my best time there, as you can see lol. I was hiding so much pain behind my smile and had finally gained some of the strength back I had lost from my freshmen year. Freshmen year, I had lost soooo much self love and confidence after I was sexual abused at a college party. It took years to rebuild myself… I can remember sometimes not feeling like I fit in with so many girls there because they would insult me, pick on me and hurt my feelings. I was always a nice person and people would be so mean to me back then and I can remember letting it get to me..NEVER worry about who doesn’t like you. That is a waste of your time and energy.Β  I did things to keep me going. I always stayed inΒ  beauty pageants to keep my confidence high and I would act in lead parts in the college drama club. Those were the best moments I wouldn’t trade for the world because it showed me that I had fun times with great people after a dark experienceΒ  ❀🧑 That is what I encourage you to do today. Be active and participate in things to remind yourself that you are a queen. You’re gonna need the confidence ❀

Little Waist..WEIGHT A MINUTE!!

Ummm πŸ™„ I wasn’t expecting to get my waist this tiny, but that’s only because I’m trying to bulk up by New Years. I had to clean up and tighten a little before building more bricks to my temple πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

I got rid of belly fat… now to get ripped and she-bulk…which means earlier mornings in the gym  πŸ€ͺ I am not an early- bird, but I read that starting your workouts in the morning will give you more of a positive day. β˜€οΈ I haven’t even had coffee for two mornings and I am already feeling all the feels.

Before I lost the unwanted fat, I was eating lots of bread and adding heavy grease to my cooking. I can remember being so bloated and that screwed up my mood and comfortability. Phew. So I made a few changes to my diet and worked out real hard. The 21 day fix was what got rid of my unwanted fat on my belly. TRY IT!

I ALSO went plant based but I can’t seem to get off of it. I think that helped with all this boost to my mood, but that’s another blog. πŸ€—

Stay fit! You can do it to!

πŸ’‹ReNita XOXO

Fenty Cosmetics- Pros and Cons

So Fenty foundation and concealer is what I wear a lot now when applying my makeup. The pros about the makeup is that it comes in so many different shades and that it feels light weight on my skin. It blends well and it makes my skin look flawless. I’m so glad I have finally found a makeup company that fits my true color. I also have the powder (not listed) but it gives me more of a matte finish .

The cons about this makeup is that I wish it was full coverage. I have to use so many pumps of foundation and concealer just to cover my acne scars or if I stayed up late with dark circles. It’s also very pricey because it’s high end, but it’s worth it. Rhianna has special discounts and I love to use coupon codes whenever I purchase to watch how the price lowers. πŸ˜™

I can’t wait to try more of the lipglosses and her contouring sticks. The Fenty website is like entering makeup heaven. Sigh πŸ˜‡

So much to choose from!!!

-ReNita xoxo πŸ’‹

Don’t Hate On Other People’s HAPPINESS ! πŸ’

I did a psychic reading for a client who said they were unhappy because people were getting married and pregnant. You can’t be that way if you want to have that too. You can’t be a hypocrite to not be happy for people but expect them to be happy for you.

Hey! I’m not married with kids yet, but I get all the excitement when I see it happens to others. Why? because I already know that’s mapped out for me so I don’t worry. Would you believe that I still keep the bouquet I caught at my sister’s wedding? πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ You can’t be unhappy about the happiness that others have. Be happy for them and be inspired knowing that your happily ever after is up next.

Do People Want What They Can’t Have?

Sometimes it would seem like attached men pursued me more than ones that weren’t attached and the ones that weren’t attached pursued the attached lol It would seem like great women or men pursued or stayed with someone that didn’t make them happy. Is this because they don’t know their worth or just love the intensity? I guess they say people want what they can’t have. Hmmm not everyone is this way though. Some people just truly seek happiness on a mutual level. I’d rather have what has my title on it (not someone elses lol).. I never want the left overs on a plate. Be with someone who can give you the excitement of Christmas morning and Christmas day…not just a night of Christmas Eve. Wanting what you can’t have is depressing ..the only time I want something I can’t have is if it’s an empowering challenge that can push me to become better leading me to end up getting it. (For example a job, degree, money, beauty, things that are good for you but are intimidating to aim for) πŸ™‚ Pursue what you doubt you can’t have only if it makes you a better person and that you know if you try then you can get it.

If it’s a woman (or a man) you are pursuing..make sure they are single and want to be pursued so you won’t drive yourself crazy. If it’s a woman or a man that’s out your league then upgrade yourself inside and out before you doubt and say, “Nah, I’d never have a chance.”

I don’t mean change who you are as a person. I mean if they are well groomed and neat then you should be well groomed and neat too. If they are very kind and confident, but you’re always sad and low confident then work on becoming a more confident and kind person too. You attract what you reflect. Upgrade yourself to get on the level of the type of person you want.

I believe the only time a woman should pursue a man is if he is too damn shy to make a move. I don’t think a woman should chase a man down (some men like it I guess lol) but it isn’t feminine. Just give him a SMALL pursue to see if he steps in to beat others in your race lol

ReNita XOXOπŸ’‹

Jump In. Just Do It!

My niece is a very talented young lady. She shows off her gift of singing in the church and in music class, but sometimes she wants to show her other talents. I asked her what is holding her back. She rolled her eyes with a sigh and said, “Oh, someone will probably laugh at me.”




I can remember being that age and wondering what others would think of me before I did something. When you think this way, you are actually letting an opportunity pass you by.

Are you focused on satisfying others or satisfying your own heart? These people you are worried about aren’t living your life so why should you let their actions determine your action?

Ever since I was a little girl, if I wanted to participate in something then I’d do it. My heart pushed me and I would follow because of the excitement.

If you want to sky dive ,TAKE A RISK! DO IT! If you want to dance on the dance floor, DO IT! Sometimes you have to do things totally out of your comfort zone to accomplish goals and feel confident. The feeling of completing a goal will last with you a lifetime.

A few years ago, I wanted to complete my first 5K race because I had seen people share selfies Instagram showing off their accomplishment. I would think to myself, Wow they seem so motivated and enthusiastic in their 5k shirts as they hold up their medals. I wanted to be in their shoes so bad that I jumped in to do it. I almost backed out when I began thinking the negative thoughts about the 5k: that I would be too shy and out of breath to run, that I would be running by myself because I didn’t have any friends to run with me and that I was intimidated by the experienced runners.

As soon as I realized that I was letting my thoughts consume me, I shook my head and immediately wasted no time to sign up for the race. I jumped in and just did it! To this day, I am glad that I made that effort and took action. I ended up running in the top 15 and had received a beautiful runners trophy that is now on the shelf of my trophy collection. πŸ™‚

Cut off the noise in your head and those insecure thoughts! Do something you’ve always wanted to do and you will have something to feel proud about as a mile stone. Use mile stones as stepping stones to look back on. Having miles stones will most definitely motivate you to take further steps in the future.

ReNita XOXOπŸ’‹