Confessions of A Coffee Snob… McDonald’s Store Bought Coffee…Is There A Difference?

Sip. Sip. Sip is the sound I make once my lips hit the steamy cup of brew. I routinely go to McDonalds for a cup of coffee, ignoring the embarrassment I feel from the employees because they know why I come there. (THEIR COFFEE!) It’s to a point that I don’t care because they are getting paid from my visits, right? lol To save me the drive and to save the gas, to save the funny smirk I get from the employees I decided to try the McDonalds coffee from the grocery store. That’s right.

Was it the same as the delicious warm taste from the one they put in my hands at the drive thru window? NO! NO! NO! Maybe…just a little bit, but not exactly. Darn! I am not sure why the coffee from the grocery store is a whole new taste, while the restaurant coffee is the best vibe. lol What’s up with that? McDonalds, can you please share your ingredients for the coffee in the restaurant or is there just someone there that adds their own touch? because it’s just off the chain and tastes wayyy better than the McDonalds in the grocery store. lol If you are a coffee snob, please tell me your review on grocery store coffees in comparison to their restaurant coffee because they are holding back. THEY MAKE IT TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!


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