Are You Living In The Present?

I was driving in the rain the other day, enjoying the rain specks on my window and smiling along. Suddenly, I noticed two cars drive across the train track without stopping at the stop sign that was right there. I even saw people driving and checking their phones as if they were glued to it. I shook my head as I continued to drive carefully, thinking to myself, Are people in the world that anxious and filled with anxiety?

All of this gave me the conclusion that some people have a patience problem and that perhaps they are not living in the present moment. What are they in a rush for that they can’t take time to avoid the risk of a car accident?

Today as I was walking at the park in the drizzle rain (I love walking in the rain, it’s a childhood habit lol) I paid attention to nature. Everything seems to be living in the moment of the present. The wind was blowing the water of the lake in a soothing direction.

I began to wonder, we as humans should follow that flow as well. The tree stood tall and proud through so many hurricanes and harsh rain. The ducks were soaring across the sky having a race with each other; then they pressed their feet out like those skydivers do whenever they are landing with a parachute. 😂 I couldn’t help but to laugh because other ducks were watching them put on a show and having a good time in the present moment. One duck was swimming alone and living in the present moment. Two ducks were diving their heads under water in search for food living in the present moment, no rush.

They were all doing what they were intended to do, in the present moment. I smiled as I made my way to mile 2, looking up at the grey misty sky. It suddenly made sense about the saying, stop and smell the roses. Live in the present moment. Are you?


2 responses to “Are You Living In The Present?”

  1. Well said! It’s so ironic you mentioned people driving recklessly. I was just experiencing the same thing this week while commuting. People are really road raging and rushing…for what? To get to a job they can’t stand? Or to get home to a house they are unhappy in? We can learn a lot from animals…they are the perfect teachers. They know all about living in the moment and unconditional love.

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    1. Hi Kamira, yes it boggles my mind how much this goes on. Its always better to be safe than sorry and not many people are learning from that. Yessssss! I love to watch animals, they’re so free their worries. Watching animals and nature should be a regular routine for us lol ❤


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