Home Decor/ Early Spring Cleaning

Sping is my favorite season. Everything just seems right and the weather is light. The sun isn’t too hot, the wind isn’t too humid and the grass starts to get shiny and green. Our colorful friends with wings known as birds, butterflies and dragonflies start to come out and show off and the smell of a cookout from a nearby park fills the air. I immediately got in the mood to add a few spring decor to my mother’s home. I believe decorating and just tidying up is just good for your mood. Your environment is so important for how you live. I went to Walmart and couldn’t refuse the option of flowers that were on display. The front porch is adorned with petunias.

Petunias are the most popular flowers to grow for good reason. Their loose petals makes you feel carefree from just the touch Petunias are bright colored and they bloom from early spring until they start to frost. I just love their scent because it fills the air with their amazing fragrance. Here is the good part, you can grow them both in the garden and in containers.

The back porch is adorned with yellow perennials and bulb combination flowers. These perennials can bloom from spring to fall, but I have learned that they love the sun. It’s amazing how they stand tall and strong. Place these on your porch and just watch how it makes your yard come alive.

For the table cloth in the kitchen, since the wall is a beige white with a brown painting, I used a beige webbed table cloth to bring out the brown shades of the table. The table mats are yellow with reds and browns combined. This match of the colors brought more life to the kitchen and makes the space appear more homely. If I could change anything, it would be to bring more colors to the kitchen table for spring so perhaps I will change the table mats. You can find these items at Better Home & Garden in Walmart.


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