My Biggest Little Pet Peeves…

I figured this would be a funny post about small negative things, but in a good way. Knowing what makes you annoyed is a great way to understand yourself and find better ways to deal with it. This thought came to me after realizing how annoyed I was this morning at that fact that my dog has gone into heat. (I do believe it is an early spring, so maybe that explains. lol)

African Woman Shouting
  1. Food Smacking- Ughhh this is my TOP pet peeve. Ever since I was a little girl, I could not stand to hear people smacking with their food or just smacking, period. Why does it annoy me? I’m not sure, but psychologically it makes the hair on my neck raise from the sound that breaks through from it. *SCREAMS*
  2. Public Cleaning Of Nails- I am not sure if people do this out of boredom but there have been times when I would either be in the checkout line or sitting in a waiting room at the doctor’s office and people would be flicking the dirt from underneath their nails. -_- You may as well just pick your nose in front of me.
  3. Drowning Food in Oil and Salt- This is something I had to warn my mom to stop doing. She has since stopped, realizing that this leads to an unhealthy route. Hmmm I think I may have a separate blog on this subject.
  4. When Cashiers Comment On My Items. Don’t get me wrong, I love a gone conversation on something I am interested in, but when you tell me “Oh you must be on a diet.” just because I have purchased a lot of healthy foods. Or if you tell me, “Oh you are always coming by for coffee.” I am a bit annoyed. I believe there is a difference between commenting on an item and giving me your 2 cents on an item sarcastically. lol
  5. Heavy Meal In The Morning. I don’t understand how people can even put this much in their stomach at the beginning of the day only to weigh them down. My breakfast is usually light, but it really bothers me if I see someone having rice and chicken at the break of dawn. lol Dear Future Hubby, you have been warned!!
  6. Gossip And Drama – Yeah, it’s not really much to say on that. The word itself just brings down my spirit lol
  7. Don’t Call Me Ma’am- I don’t like when I hear that word!!! It makes me feel much older haha
  8. When Cashiers Say Huh or What? Please learn some etiquette when it comes to working in any line of business. I don’t like being asked Huh or What. The correct response should be “Excuse me?” “I’m sorry, what was that?” or “I Beg Your Pardon?” I also don’t like being talked over if I am a customer.

Okay, I think that should be some of my biggest pet peeves that are not so big, but they’re just an annoying fly whizzing at my neck lol What are some of your BIGGEST little pet peeves? Are you trying to overcome them? Have you overcome them?

xoxo 😉

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