It is such a beautiful day today and it would be ashamed to have to stay indoors so I grabbed my dog, hopped in the car and we rode to the park. I saw two friends sitting at the table talking over their 11am lunch, 1 girl and what seems to be like her best friend taking photos with a new born baby. I saw a mother walking her baby in the stroller while the other child played on the playground with the other children. The sound of nature mixed in the background as earth’s music and I inhaled the 73 degree weather while the wind danced in my hair. I smiled. My dog, who was very excited, looked up at me to throw his dog toy so he could run and catch it. I immediately saw an old friend I had been hoping to run into. I couldn’t believe it was her. My prayers have been answered. “Lilly, is that you? Mrs. Lilly?”

She pulled down her mask and gave me a smile. She had remembered me and we caught up over the past 2 years. I explained to her how sometimes I would think she was an angel because I hadn’t seen her again. Sometimes you can run into certain people and they just have that aura about them. I missed our encounters at the park where she would be walking to keep good health and since she was a senior citizen, she wanted to keep everything moving. She had no idea how she had motivated me and how I hope to still be taking care of my health when I am up in age. She told me she had fell down a few times at the park and haven’t been going in a while. She explained that she didn’t like to come on days when it was cold in which I could agree.

My dog decided to relieve himself between us and we laughed. Shaking my head. She asked how my family had been and I told her my mom was doing good. We exchanged closing smiles before closing the conversation. I was so happy to see her after so long that I rode back home smiling and thanking God for allowing me to see my friend. I hope I run into her again. I do not know her last name or have her number. Our conversations have always been on our walks while running into each other at the local park. I am at peace knowing she is doing well.

To read the blog of when I was missing her, please click here.


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