Godly Green Smoothie

Since I am now a certified yoga instructor and work for a science lab to help people with colon cancer testing, the deeper studies of healthy food intrigues me. It’s amazing how God is so smart, that He put the medicine in the plants for us.

This smoothie was decided when the only fruits and veggies I had left in the house were spinach, Kale and pineapples. I usually will add strawberries in my smoothie but to my surprise the items I had tasted EVEN better. I was also interested in the benefits of the nutrients of each. I thonk Continue to read below for some of the positive uses and you can even research more but this was just some of the uses that stood out to me.
*** Ingredients: 1 cup of spinach Kale mix and 1 cup of pineapple.l and 1/2 cup of almond milk.

***Spinach is good for digestion, healthy skin, immunune system, blood circulation and iron. It’s good for the heart..
***Kale- Kale helps lower cholesterol and fights off cancer.. Did you know it boosts your fertility and immune as well?
***Pineapple helps with joints, prevents cancer, arthritis and is also good with any irritable bowl syndrome.


3 responses to “Godly Green Smoothie”

  1. Learning about the healing properties is something I really want to do. I feel the answer the my hbp could be found in juicing. Do you have any resources you’d recommend?


    1. Hey love, ❤ That’s great that you have taken the first step of realizing what needs to be done and what you would like to do to help get better health. When I had high blood pressure from work, I turned to yoga and it helped. To answer your question, beet juice and bananas are good for lowering blood pressure fast. Also, walking a few miles 3-5 days a week helps and removing fried foods as well, but yes start with the beet juice, bananas and add some chia seeds ❤ 💙 💜


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