How To Embrace Your Chocolate, Sistah.

I just got an email from one of my blog readers telling me sometimes she doesn’t feel  confident with her dark complexion. She’s so very beautiful both inside and out and maybe 19 years old… so I am trying to figure out why would she be so concerned.  Beauty on the inside brings out beauty on the outside however. I am always humbled when I get emails from my readers that I inspire, but if you have low confidence because of your skin, you are going to have to work on your inner confidence FIRST and foremost. This mentality is forced down from the slave masters and from the media, sadly. Please don’t allow this to burden you from those who are still in mental slavery. They’re the losers! To judge someone for their complexion is insane- rather lightskin or darkskin.

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I remember seeing this African model on MTV many years ago and she had a short bald hair cut. Many black people (our own people) would say she was unattractive while the other races praised her. However, when she walked the runway and spoke with confidence she appeared and seemed beautiful because she was beautiful from within. If she had any flaws, her inner beauty made her look super beautiful.

One thing I love to do is learn from the African models on Instagram and whenever I am traveling.. because they have amazing confidence and they embrace their feminism. When I’d travel to big cities, these ladies were full of confidence and always loved to dress up.

I admit, I am a stalker of Sedanase, Ghanan and Ethiopian models and I love being inspired by other women instead of being envious. LEARN AND EMBRACE! Most importanty, if you really want your dark skinned to be noticed and feel confident, the secret is to wear bright cool or bright warm colors. Another tip is to add a hint of cocoa butter oil to the skin or cheeks. This adds a certain glow to the skin. For some reason that is like seeing magic. Trust me! 

If I were darker, I’d probably wear bright colors all the time just because of how it draws attention to chocolate skin. Luckily, you don’t have to really worry about acne scars or wrinkles lol You just need to love being you and keep looking good and feeling confident. Hope this helps..
-ReNita XOXO 💕💋

2 responses to “How To Embrace Your Chocolate, Sistah.”

  1. Well said! I couldn’t say it any better. Much of western media is all about promoting a Euro standard of beauty. I encourage all Black women (and men) to look for Black images of beauty on multiple channels. We have a lack of seeing images of those who look like us and represent us. When you don’t identify with what you are looking at there is a disconnect. Embrace your chocolate skin. We are descendants of Kings and Queens in some of the first civilizations. The more you research and take time to learn about your culture and history and all the efforts to suppress your history, you’ll see just how magnificent you really are. It’s no wonder why we are often imitated but never duplicated.

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    1. Thank you lovely! Yes, it’s so much about the brainwashing going on and our people have been prisoners of it ever since..,makes me so sad how so many are blinded to be against the different variations we were created in. I think that because we all come in different shades is awesome. I read an article once about the mitochondria Eve stating that everyone is created from a black woman because she is the only one that can create different shades. It was very interesting, but I will have to look more into it.


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