Growing Up Submissive

😊I grew up in a very dominant and submissive household 🏡 lol My father was dominant and paid all the bills ..where my mom was a quiet submissive housewife. A little homemaker. She was never a loud argumentive woman with my father…probably because of his temper lol

Because of their dominant/submissive traits, I grew up a softy and quiet around others lol I would feel weird because I wasn’t loud or could get an attitude like other girls and it would be something I remember wishing I had. Lol It was also why I was the subject of being bullied. 🤦‍♀️

Sometimes we become the way we are from what we’re around as children; although both my parents took good care of us and loved us. Sometimes I wanted to question mother about why she was so quiet as a wife, but I never did. I figured it was a part of her nature since she grew up in an older generation. I noticed I developed her traits.

I see her as Super Woman, the way she raised me and my sister and also looked out for my other cousins when needed. She always cooked 3 meals daily for us and cleaned the entire home, did our hair and do almost everything. (It’s also why I like to do so many things.) If our clothes needed stiching or washing or if we were sick, mama took care care of it all.

Part of the reason why I was always quiet and shy came from watching her growing up. Everyone would always say “You’re so quiet. You’re always so giving. You go all out when you love someone.” Yes but sometimes being raised into submissiveness can be painful bc sometimes you are easily to get hurt or used for how giving you are. A lot of times in relationships I’d have a habit of saying “sorry.”

The best advice I can give if you are submissive is to make sure you aren’t giving more than you are receiving. Don’t give your heart to someone who doesn’t deserve it..especially if the person isn’t married to you. You’ll be hurt multiple. 🙂


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