So Who Was Billie Jean? Hmmm

I’ve been listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album all day and I noticed that he mentions Billie Jean in his Wanna Be Starting Something song. In this song he says ‘she is always talking and that her mouth is a motor. He even resumes to sing that, ‘if you can’t feed a baby then don’t have a baby.’ In the Billie Jean song he is referring to being baby trapped basically…lol (The kid is not my son!)

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Do you think maybe someone tried to trap him with a child in the 80s? Or do you think he did this to add a story line to the album? I think it’s very interesting and very creative if he mentions this to give us a hint of a secret or to add a story to the album.

Michael was such a creative person and that’s what I always loved about him. He had so many women chasing after him who probably lied, but we’ll never know. This is an interesting clue that I just find amusing. None of it is true, but I am so curious after listening to this album.

I decode too much and it’s a habit. It’s a hobby I need to take a break from lol Rest in peace to the beautiful king of pop. His music and his dancing touched the hearts of many and may he forever live on. I have always thought Michael was an angel in disguise who came here to change the world with his God given talent.

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