Crime and Violence In These Lake City Streets! But Where Is Our Meteor Man?

Thought I heard what was fireworks yesterday  from the other side of town near the hood. Sad thing is I was partially raised behind Independence Ave. My dog was shaking and he ran under the bed when we heard the loud noise.

I heard 6 fire works popping loud (POP! POP! POP! CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! 💥💥💥) but found out later it was like 6 gun shots. Sheesh. No wonder yesterday I stayed in bed and had a vision of people fighting on Christmas.

Ya’ll be safe. Going out ain’t too safe these days. I can only imagine how his family must feel every Christmas now. Smh.

There needs to be more attention on gun violence, gangs and crime. This is the question I ask, but where is Meteor Man? (The black super hero from the early 90s that ended street crime and gang violence.) How did we get to this?

You don’t have to have a super hero cape to speak up on this issue or make an impact on the community. Be a role model. Educate. Get active and take action. Lives can be changed and so can the minds and views of others.


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