Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

I was at the local park yesterday morning and I was reading the directions map (You know…the board that lets you know about the park via gazeba, kayaking, bridge etc) Well, if I was reading it right, it showed that the lake park was being planned in 2012. I was like, OMG wow. They really took time and years the make a very beautiful park. I walked away from the board smiling and feeling as motivated as ever.

As I jogged my mile, I kept thinking about if you have a dream or a goal you have to keep going if you want it bad enough. The architect and the workers that built the park had it planned out and I’m sure they were strong enough to keep going if it seemed like forever. In the end, the results turned out amazing and the dream was realilty. This is a good example that we should keep going. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Noah’s Ark

As long as your heart and mind is set on a big dream, you’ll keep trying until you get it. It isn’t an overnight process. Sometimes people take days, months or years to have the BEST accomplishment šŸ™‚
ReNita XoXo šŸ’‹šŸ‘ 


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