Stay Active Through Your Pain

Look what I found WOW! This is 19 or 20 year old me…in my sophmore dormitory back in college. Lol I think my sophmore year was my best time there, as you can see lol. I was hiding so much pain behind my smile and had finally gained some of the strength back I had lost from my freshmen year. Freshmen year, I had lost soooo much self love and confidence after I was sexual abused at a college party. It took years to rebuild myself… I can remember sometimes not feeling like I fit in with so many girls there because they would insult me, pick on me and hurt my feelings. I was always a nice person and people would be so mean to me back then and I can remember letting it get to me..NEVER worry about who doesn’t like you. That is a waste of your time and energy.  I did things to keep me going. I always stayed in  beauty pageants to keep my confidence high and I would act in lead parts in the college drama club. Those were the best moments I wouldn’t trade for the world because it showed me that I had fun times with great people after a dark experience  ❤🧡 That is what I encourage you to do today. Be active and participate in things to remind yourself that you are a queen. You’re gonna need the confidence ❤


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