Do People Want What They Can’t Have?

Sometimes it would seem like attached men pursued me more than ones that weren’t attached and the ones that weren’t attached pursued the attached lol It would seem like great women or men pursued or stayed with someone that didn’t make them happy. Is this because they don’t know their worth or just love the intensity? I guess they say people want what they can’t have. Hmmm not everyone is this way though. Some people just truly seek happiness on a mutual level. I’d rather have what has my title on it (not someone elses lol).. I never want the left overs on a plate. Be with someone who can give you the excitement of Christmas morning and Christmas day…not just a night of Christmas Eve. Wanting what you can’t have is depressing ..the only time I want something I can’t have is if it’s an empowering challenge that can push me to become better leading me to end up getting it. (For example a job, degree, money, beauty, things that are good for you but are intimidating to aim for) 🙂 Pursue what you doubt you can’t have only if it makes you a better person and that you know if you try then you can get it.

If it’s a woman (or a man) you are pursuing..make sure they are single and want to be pursued so you won’t drive yourself crazy. If it’s a woman or a man that’s out your league then upgrade yourself inside and out before you doubt and say, “Nah, I’d never have a chance.”

I don’t mean change who you are as a person. I mean if they are well groomed and neat then you should be well groomed and neat too. If they are very kind and confident, but you’re always sad and low confident then work on becoming a more confident and kind person too. You attract what you reflect. Upgrade yourself to get on the level of the type of person you want.

I believe the only time a woman should pursue a man is if he is too damn shy to make a move. I don’t think a woman should chase a man down (some men like it I guess lol) but it isn’t feminine. Just give him a SMALL pursue to see if he steps in to beat others in your race lol

ReNita XOXO💋


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