Jump In. Just Do It!

My niece is a very talented young lady. She shows off her gift of singing in the church and in music class, but sometimes she wants to show her other talents. I asked her what is holding her back. She rolled her eyes with a sigh and said, “Oh, someone will probably laugh at me.”




I can remember being that age and wondering what others would think of me before I did something. When you think this way, you are actually letting an opportunity pass you by.

Are you focused on satisfying others or satisfying your own heart? These people you are worried about aren’t living your life so why should you let their actions determine your action?

Ever since I was a little girl, if I wanted to participate in something then I’d do it. My heart pushed me and I would follow because of the excitement.

If you want to sky dive ,TAKE A RISK! DO IT! If you want to dance on the dance floor, DO IT! Sometimes you have to do things totally out of your comfort zone to accomplish goals and feel confident. The feeling of completing a goal will last with you a lifetime.

A few years ago, I wanted to complete my first 5K race because I had seen people share selfies Instagram showing off their accomplishment. I would think to myself, Wow they seem so motivated and enthusiastic in their 5k shirts as they hold up their medals. I wanted to be in their shoes so bad that I jumped in to do it. I almost backed out when I began thinking the negative thoughts about the 5k: that I would be too shy and out of breath to run, that I would be running by myself because I didn’t have any friends to run with me and that I was intimidated by the experienced runners.

As soon as I realized that I was letting my thoughts consume me, I shook my head and immediately wasted no time to sign up for the race. I jumped in and just did it! To this day, I am glad that I made that effort and took action. I ended up running in the top 15 and had received a beautiful runners trophy that is now on the shelf of my trophy collection. 🙂

Cut off the noise in your head and those insecure thoughts! Do something you’ve always wanted to do and you will have something to feel proud about as a mile stone. Use mile stones as stepping stones to look back on. Having miles stones will most definitely motivate you to take further steps in the future.

ReNita XOXO💋


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