About Me…

undefined Renita A. Burgess is a national best selling author who has written over 30 books for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She is a woman of many hats; having made interview appearances on both television and radio. ReNita’s motivation and drive all began when she entered beauty pageants and school plays through out her life.

One of her favorite memories as a child is playing church with her cousins and sisters because the entire family would be laughing at each other. At that point, ReNita realized that laughter cures so many things and she refers to her personality as goofy and fun loving.

In her spare time, ReNita loves to travel to new places and see different sights. Her favorite shows are The Golden Girls, The Twilight Zone and Frasier as well as Tyler Perry’s The Have and the Have Nots.

Morning jogs in nature with her mixed Chihuahua is where you will always find her. She has a passion for animals, fitness, children and doing anything artsy and creative. If you were to ever visit her home, you will be surprised to see that she collects many dolls and Victorian antiques. Just like any red blooded woman, ReNita loves to shop and do her hair and makeup. 🙂 🙂


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